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January 23, 2016 - Acquired

Our advertising part of Porn Earn (not the forum) has been acquired by another company and will take effect in early February. Hold tight. More news to come.
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January 02, 2016 - Happy New Years!

We hope everyone had a happy new years! Were back in the office and will send out a batch of payments today.
farnin says, pending..heemmmm
Marc says, We just sent out over 70 payments today!
Darren says, Hi, thats great news, do you know when you are going to clear the rest of the over due payments from 2015?
AMIT KUMAR says, They suck, and cheat. I have sent 91 referrals and every time i come here i see reduced referral earnings. And you know what at the moment i have 0.006$ in my account. How can you think that low earnings after referring 91 referrals.
Darren says, Pornearn has been good with earnings (which still seem good) and until Christmas payments have been fast and reliable - just not had any payouts since before the new year :(
Marc says, AMIT its because you send shitty scammer referrals who only send bot traffic.
Darren says, Marc - when can you process some of my withdrawal's? Waiting for weeks now so have stopped sending any traffic your way for now and no reply off you on Skype...

December 26, 2015 - Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has happy holidays!
pornearn scam says, I'm not happy because I have a 6 delayed payment here !!! I hope you're able to afford it , because I know that many of the forum read, saying that if there are many pending payment pornearn will suspend your account for various reasons ,
Marc says, We only suspend accounts if they send fake traffic, have multiple accounts or break or TOS (such as redirection scripts). Friday was Christmas and its the weekend now. We are sending out a batch payments on Monday.
AMIT KUMAR says, It sucks, promoted it for 2 years, given 91 referrals and in return i have 0.006$ lol. That's the story.
Marc says, That is because you have over 5 accounts with us. Multiple accounts is against our TOS. You have a verified phone number that is the same of over 5 accounts.

December 23, 2015 - New Adult Chat Room

Check out the new Adult and Porn Chat Room! Chat for free with other adults who are looking for some fun!
Blues says, Still waiting for the reply of my support tickets and phone verfication issue :/
Marc says, I just looked and we havent received an email from the email on your account. Did you send the email from a email other then the one on your account?
Blues says, Yup, used the same email address. I have u a private msg on forum with my number.
Marc says, I will check the forum.

December 12, 2015 - Email Server

There was an error in our email server. This has been fixed.
Ho Kim Quang says, Why my payment taking so long @@
Marc says, We dont make payments on the weekends. A batch of payments will be sent on Monday.
Frili Adria says, hi marc, i have a question for you i was contact you. please check it
arbnewsd says, my payment still pending, it's about 5 days?
Frili Adria says, i try to contact him with email and skype but still haven't answer
resta says, payment so long, it's almost 4 days unprocessed
Blues says, Hey admin, I have sent a support ticket regarding phone verification. It's been 3 days and yet no reply :/
Marc says, Are you sure? I never received an email from you..
Blues says, Sent another support ticket with my number. Please help me verify my number.
Frili Adria says, i'm sure, okey just to the point, please check my account, i have request pending and i have waiting more than 5 days
wilda says, paymend pending 5 day..
arbnewsd says, this site paid or not? Admin??
Frili Adria says, you always says like that, but my account not your process before your pay me, sory, i disable your ads from my site
Marc says, We are sending out another batch of payments now.
Frili Adria says, you don't pay me, and now you suspend my account, what is reason
Marc says, For sending bot traffic. Our advertisers wont pay for your traffic because its all VPN / Bot / Proxy traffic. You were trying to scam our system with fake traffic.
Alan Lenton says, Guys go away from this site, it is SCAM!!
Marc says, Your account hasent sent any traffic at all. Also your account has the same phone number as another account which is against our TOS. Now tell me this.. why would we suspend someone who sends valid traffic where both of us could make money

December 02, 2015 - Bot Filters

As per our advertisers requests we have increased our bot filter system.
khadouja othmani says, i thaught payment is sent within 2-4 days as it's mentioned, can you proceed to payment Admin, thanks and best regards.
Marc says, 2-4 business days after you request the payment.
khadouja othmani says, Thanks for reply Admin ,of course i see that, my 1st request was on Dec 01, 2015
oliver says, Marc a put a wrogn wallet adress i want to reject de payment and send to my new wallet: 1NYYKz8ASGtEhMCgedRZeqFdNPzKRFeLW9 (the payment is pending)
Turcsik Tamas says, "Your account has been suspended" ?????
Marc says, Our bot filters and advertisers both found the majority of your traffic is from bots (fake traffic).
Turcsik Tamas says, check again please it's not possible.
ho sy quy quyen says, I still get a payment from plugrush main partner of you so why they did not stop me Please think carefully
Frili Adria says, i don't recieve email verification
Marc says, I just emailed you Frili.
Turcsik Tamas says, Answer me please Marc
Marc says, Hi you can contact support if you have a question. Its tough to have a conversation on here.
resta says, please respon me marc

November 26, 2015 - Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Due to the holidays some payments were delayed. Were going to send out a huge batch of payments tomorrow.
anis heru prasetyo says, I am waiting | Thank you
oliver says, I dont know how i can withdraw my balance, admin please withdraw all my balance in this bitcoin wallet: 69ed4946-1a69-4642-8a2e-3f030e86b361
Marc says, Hi you can request a payment from the finances page.
oliver says, im trying but i cant
Marc says, It looks like you just did.
oliver says, Marc a put a wrogn wallet adress i want to reject de payment and send to my new wallet: 1NYYKz8ASGtEhMCgedRZeqFdNPzKRFeLW9 (the payment is pending)